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With nothing to lose and even less to gain, 17-year-old Alexa Walker finds herself on the run. Not to the fantasy of a brighter future, but fleeing from the nightmare just behind her. Coming from a state home in a neighborhood even the boogeyman wouldn't touch; Alex is desperate to find a safe haven where she can live out her days in boring anonymity. But in typical fashion, what she wants is not what she gets.

Strange recurring dreams lead Alex to Green Mont California, where she stumbles into the beautiful world of the privileged elite. And onto the radar of Ash Hartford and Caden Langston. The most alluring beings she's ever met. And far more dangerous than she knows.   

Here, her past is not a stigma but a mystery. And the chance at a new life is too good to pass up. But the glittering world of pretty boys, parties, and fashion is shadowed in secrets even her new friends seem to hide. And the closer she gets to finding out the impossible truth? The faster the nightmare of her past closes in on her. Will her friends unite and stand with her? Or will they be the ones to betray her?
Available on Amazon Sept 15th

A perilous romance of the ages and one girls' journey to survive the very real demons of her past and the shocking revelation of her heritage.

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