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Finding Innocence: The age-old tale of sex, drugs, and rock and roll… For teens.


New York, New York, 08/15/2020


Meet 17-year-old Alexa Walker; A headstrong girl on the journey of her life, in this first book of the young adult fantasy romance series; Finding Innocence. The book could not come at a better time if you're agonizing over the high school dance or graduation you missed due to COVID 19. Author Karen Keith did not pull any punches in creating an authentic world for teens during these uncertain times. But the challenging glimpse into the lives of her under-age characters is not going to make it onto any parent recommendation lists.  


Boldly addressing a range of hot button topics with humor and colorful language, the steamy and often graphic scenes, are pretty much guaranteed to have parents cringing. But Keith remains unruffled by the negative attention her book is sure to garner. She states, “I didn’t write this book for parents. I wrote my book for those who struggle with belonging, connecting, and self-worth just as I did and sometimes still do.”



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